Case Study: Live Social Media

Creative Conference Programming

paf-1Patient Advocate Foundation wanted their annual conference to bring their entire staff together for an information-packed and dynamic team building experience.

Rick Cram delivered the best event they ever had.

With Rick's creative leadership, he turned their conference into a live social media event: a multi-media program, with a familiar TV show format, in which everyone had a role and a voice, and all of the content was thoroughly delivered.

Review: "I just wanted to say “Wow”, I have seen team building by other companies and let me say, no one can touch y’all. It was a fun learning experience. Great time. Kudos on a job well done!!!!!" — Michael S. Jordan, Communications Supervisor, Patient Advocate Foundation

Strategic Insight  Boosting employee engagement is proven to nearly double the odds of success. Source: Gallup, Inc.

Patient Advocate Foundation's revenue grew by 26.8% the following year.

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7 Success Tips

  1. No more death by PowerPoint
  2. Make attendees the stars
  3. Make it conversational and interactive
  4. Give teams creative ways to tell their story
  5. Use edutainment to engage, educate and motivate
  6. Apply performance metrics; you'll see real results
  7. Think of your next event as "live social media"

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– Rick Cram


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