…As You Communicate

Seven powerful communication strategies that will help you…

1  Be more influential

2  Be more assertive

3  Be a better listener

…as you build relationships based on trust.


How well you communicate will greatly determine your success.

The seven strategies in PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST …As You Communicate is based on over 30 years of research and application. This is advanced professional development which includes skills training to make the strategies work for you and your people.

What You’ll Learn

Advanced assertiveness training

How to truly understand your audience

How to transform the way you communicate

The advantages of asking questions and being an active listener

How to talk the language of success

How to leverage knowledge in what you express

How to build enthusiasm

How to motivate others and yourself

How to promote teamwork

Rick delivers interactive and motivating workshops using case studies and skill practice sets for each one of the seven strategies.

Rick originally developed this in 2005 as the 7Cs of Compelling Communication.

Rick is a true communications pro.

Nickolas Stavropoulos

President, KeySpan Energy

95% Rate the program as “excellent/good.”

8 Out of 10 rate the ease of understanding of the course as “excellent.”

9 Out of 10 rate the quality of the courseware as “excellent” or “good”; more than half rate it as “excellent”.

9 Out of 10 rate Rick Cram as an “excellent” facilitator.

Clients – companies and individuals – use Rick’s highly customized workshops or one-on-one in depth consultations for a variety of applications:

Consulting skills

Sales training


Speech writing and delivery

Management team communication

Branding and marketing

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"Your best is greater than the pain."
– Rick Cram


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