PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST Workshop for Eastern Bank’s Leaders


Eastern Bank is one of the five largest full-service banks in Massachusetts and the largest and oldest mutual bank in the nation.


Navigating a rapid state of change, Eastern Bank leaders need to be better prepared, for themselves and for the impact they make on the organization.

Customer service initiatives, new technologies, and rapid growth are challenging all levels of the organization.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Learn how to be better prepared for change
  • Gain effective strategies for leading through change
  • Adopt tactics for teaching the strategies to direct reports
  • Engage the leaders with relevant, fun interactivity


One-day leadership development workshop featuring PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST© …As You Lead the Change


  • 8 Leadership strategies for leading through change
  • 1 Strategy from Rick’s 7Cs of Compelling Communication
  • 30 Strategy questions for immediate, relevant application of the strategies
  • Full-audience participation using Rick’s unique “edutainment” for a highly engaging and interactive program
  • Creative integration of Eastern Bank’s historic narrative with many changes since 1818


“Fabulous! We’re going away with the best strategies. I can use them in my every day work. I plan on sharing the strategies with my peers and the employees who work for me as well. Thumbs up.”

—  Carolyn Crowley, Senior Vice President, Private Banking Group, Eastern Bank

“You did an unbelievable job facilitating.”
— Ive P. Gonzalez, VP, Talent Acquisition and Inclusion Director

Thanks for the great workshop. You are one of the best at listening, rephrasing to acknowledge understanding and providing a solid answer with examples that I’ve seen.

I’ve improved in my ability for handling change. With more planning and preparation, I’ve already noticed a difference in productivity.

David Edward James

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