PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST Leadership Meeting


A national organization providing a full spectrum of health care assessment and improvement services that foster more efficient use of resources and enhance health care quality to achieve better patient outcomes.


With changes driven by the Affordable Care Act, IPRO needed to engage and motivate their 55 directors


  • Learn and apply leadership strategies for dealing with change and to working differently
  • Apply new tools for thinking outside of the box, and define new opportunities that will lead to improving performance
  • Embrace new IPRO initiatives and navigate industry changes
  • Renew their sense of team work and their role as stewards of the IPRO brand


A Two-Day PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST© Full Management Meeting

Rick Cram partnered with IPRO’s leadership team to customize his leadership program expressly for their meeting.


  • 7 Points of customization
  • Practical application of 8 leadership strategies
  • Full-audience participation
  • Emphasized IPRO’s brand, mission, history and people
  • Incorporated IPRO’s internal and external dynamics


“We had a great two days. The staff really found out how to be their best.” —Theodore O. Will, CEO

Even with the Affordable Care Act creating a more competitive and uncertain landscape, IPRO went on to secure every contract that was up for review in 2014.

Additional Client Testimonials

As a manager with a large staff I can appreciate having a goal and a short time to meet it. You did that during the retreat and I was impressed with the result.

Facilitators at previous retreats were not nearly as effective as you – most notably was the way you warmed the group up and galvanized us. The methodology you used was much more precise that facilitators we had at our previous retreats.  I personally felt like I was part of a solution with ideas and thoughts freely flowing.

Thank you again for your innovative approach.

–Joseph Avena, Senior Director, IPRO

Edison Machado, MD, MBA, Chief Quality Officer, Vice President of Strategy

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– Rick Cram


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