EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING FOR Scotiabank, the third largest bank in Canada.



Scotiabank’s mortgage division was facing increased competitive pressure and needed to boost their brand


  • Capture the attention of mortgage brokers across the country
  • Do something bold and different, like their brand
  • Create an engaging program that builds relationships between Scotiabank’s underwriters and 500+ brokers across Canada


A Nationwide Brand-Building Interactive Event Tour

Rick Cram developed and hosted a series of interactive, full-audience participation events that entertained and informed. Using an original game show production that had the brokers and underwriters teaming-up to play and compete for prizes, Rick was able to directly involve over 500 mortgage brokers in eight events.

Formula for success:

  • Create a concept that reflects the uniqueness of the Scotiabank brand
  • Make it highly interactive
  • Use the power of Q&A to make it educational
  • Produce high-quality productions
  • Aggressive promotion about the value of the *experience*


Scotiabank’s mortgage lending surged to a commanding lead in market share.

These are a few of the 500 mortgage brokers who participated in the events and raved about how they experienced something very unique and highly motivating.

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