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Expertly Designed, Produced and Facilitated

I was impressed with the result. Previous facilitators were not nearly as effective as you – most notably was the way you galvanized us and your methodology was much more precise.
Joseph Avena

Senior Director, Information Systems, IPRO

Designed and facilitated to engage and motivate

Rick has been the designer and facilitator/speaker of 1,000+ meetings and events, including web conferences.

Ask Rick about…

  • How and why engaging attendees before the conference makes a world of difference with its success
  • What is a “Smart Agenda” and “Intelligent Conference Design”
  • How he leads and engages everyone throughout the meeting
  • How he gets more feedback you can use post-conference
  • The benefits of how he engages attendees after the conference

Which Web Conferencing Service

Rick is experienced with making the most of the top web conferencing tools on the market. He’ll work with yours or customize your meeting with one of the top services on the market, from GoToMeeting to Zoom.

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"Your best is greater than the pain."
– Rick Cram


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