What makes a successful brand?

A brand positioning needs to have three key facets. Like a three-legged table, each one of the three is critical. Without any one of them, the table will not stand in highly competitive markets.

  • Credible
    The positioning needs to be credible to all of the target audiences. When a brand is valid, it will effectively support the foundation of trust with an audience.
  • branding by Rick CramRelevant
    A brand has to be applicable to the target audience’s need or desire.
  • Differentiating
    The distinctive quality of the positioning separates the brand from the competition.

How We Build Better Brands

We evaluate and develop brands from every perspective: externally and internally.

Our thorough strategic assessment and market research examines your organization and your marketplace.

We carefully consider numerous qualities and perspectives found from within. Sometimes the process involves in-depth interviews with senior management, board members, and key executives. In some cases, employees from various departments, as well as significant partners or centers of influence participate in the process.

We examine, report, and recommend. Then the creative development of words and imagery brings your brand to life. Let us partner with you to help you be more competitive.

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